Intentional Inclusion with The Diversity Doctor

#7 Understanding the difference between barriers and boundaries

June 02, 2022 Dr Donna de Haan Episode 7
Intentional Inclusion with The Diversity Doctor
#7 Understanding the difference between barriers and boundaries
Show Notes

In episode #6, I talk about how the identification and removal of barriers is key to any kind of diversity and inclusion work. In other words understanding what is it that prevents someone from entering and then feeling safe in any given space.

If a group of people are missing from any space, it is because there have been barriers or roadblocks along the way that have held them back, slowed them down or simply prevented them from even getting a foot in the door.

I know that better decisions are made when diverse voices contribute to the decision making process.  I know that people thrive when they feel safe.  I know it’s a basic human need to belong. I know that diverse and inclusive organisations out perform those filled with just one type of person.  I know that it is my life’s work to help identify and break down barriers which leave people feeling excluded.

BUT I also know that doesn’t mean everyone should be included in every space.

Inclusion does not mean including everyone.  Being inclusive does not mean we walk through life without boundaries. We all have the right to draw a line on the type of behaviour we feel is acceptable.  We all have the right not to be in the same space as someone else.

Barriers can stop us feeling safe in a space, boundaries can help us feel safe and included in a space.

In this episode I explain the difference between barriers and boundaries and share some practical and personal examples of both.  As most things are, this one is closely linked to understanding your WHY for D&I, so if you would like a refresher or additional resources linked to this topic please check out episode #3

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Additional resources mentioned in the episode that you may want to check out include The Inclusive Meetings Toolkit. 

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